Multi-User PDF files allow you to purchase access to specific documents for use in your company for a finite set of specific users.

Once you purchase a Multi-User PDF, you will be given the ability to assign the document to multiple users.

To provide a user access to a Multi-User PDF,  navigate to the My Downloads page, and under the Manage Copies section of your PDF order, you will be presented with boxes where you type in the email address of the user you want to assign access to. Once you enter the email address of the user, click the “Assign” button, and an email will be sent to that user with instructions on how they can access the document. If you would like to make yourself one of the users who has access to the Multi-User PDF, simply type in the email address associated with your Techstreet account, and you will have immediate access to the document by clicking the orange download button.

Things to Know About Multi-User PDFs:

1.If you have incorrectly provided a user with access to a document, (or have typed their email address incorrectly), you can revoke access to the document provided that the user has not yet accessed the document. If a user has not yet accessed the document, their status is listed as pending. To revoke access, simply press the “Revoke” button, and you will then be able to assign access to another user (or be able to type in the correct email address for that user).

2. Unlike other PDFs which can been reassigned a single time, once a user has been assigned a Multi-User PDF, that user’s access cannot be reassigned.


Company Wide Access to PDFs:

If you’re looking for company wide access to standards, you should consider our Techstreet Enterprise subscription service.